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Math Information

1. For your Math e-portfolio you will need the following:
  • Parental Information. This is all math info relating to fractions. You must be able to explain what we have been doing in class using words, diagrams, pictures and questions.
  • Consider it like a scribe post or growing post. You must teach your parents what you have learned.

2. These are the big Ideas in Fractions that must be explained:
  1. The size of the whole matters when you are comparing fractions.
  2. Proper fractions show division....
3. You will need to explain the strategies used this year to help you understand adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing fraction
  • clocks
  • money
  • double number line
  • ratio tables
4. You need to include an explanation of 2 of the investigations that we have done. Write out the investigation and then show the voice thread of your work and explain how you were successful or what you know about fractions.

You are going to create a parent quiz. You will have up to 10 questions. Your parents will be expected to answer these questions. For each question you will have an answer page. You will be expected not only to give the answer but to explain how you got the answer.

The following 2.0 tools are going to be used.
Voicethread you know the deal here.
Slideshare a place to export power point presentations
Gliffy Same idea as smart ideas.